Many DUI Wins!!

Many Reckless Driving Wins!!

James J. McCoart III, Attorney at Law

Mr. McCoart is a life-long Virginian who has been an attorney and litigator for over 30 years in courts throughout the state of Virginia. He is a member of the Virginia State Bar Association. Mr. McCoart has been named lawyer of the year by the local court.

Some of his cases have involved litigation before the Courts while others have been resolved through settlement or arbitration.

James J. McCoart III

During his legal career, he has appeared on local, network, and cable television. He has been quoted in various newspapers, and has appeared before the Virginia Supreme Court.

Mr. McCoart has had thousands of cases in the Virginia State Courts representing those accused of crimes such as murder, distribution of drugs, assault and battery, possession of marijuana, possession of felony drugs and traffic offenses involving D.U.Is, D.W.Is, reckless driving and driving on suspended/revoked license. See our sections on Criminal Law, Traffic Ticket Violations and a Case Example.

Mr. McCoart has handled numerous Million Dollar cases. He has represented people in the legal areas of personal injury, car accidents, abuse and neglect of minor children, bus accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful deaths, slip-and-fall, and in all other types of cases involving injury to a person or family member. See our sections on Car Accidents, Personal Injury and a Case Example.

He and his family have deep roots in the state of Virginia and have been strong believers in public service. His late father was a decorated military officer in the United States Marine Corps before entering politics during the 1970s and l980s, while his mother is a retired public school teacher.

Mr. McCoart, himself, is a former member of the Board of Directors for the prestigious Action in Community through Service program. This program provides life essentials to those in need or crisis. He has also served as a member of a local Crime Commission and has provided pro-bono legal services to those in need of court intervention for protective orders due to domestic issues. He is an honored member of the Worldwide Who’s Who of professionals.

The mission of The Law Office of James J. McCoart, III is to provide high quality legal representation with integrity, professionalism, respect and compassion to his clients, while promoting our legal system.

For legal solutions throughout Virginia, contact The Law Office of James J. McCoart, III, by telephone at (703) 369-2734, or email.

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