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Car Accident Dos & Don’ts

When you or a family member have been injured, the issue of insurance will always be a factor in your case or claim.


  • Do contact your insurance company as soon after the accident or injury as possible.
  • Do take time to read your insurance policy and understand it. This will help you in determining what coverage your policy allows.
  • Do your best to get as many details of the accident as possible. This will include taking pictures of the damaged vehicles and any injuries sustained. Be sure to get the names and numbers of any witnesses to the accident.
  • Do make a note of the insurance details of any other person or vehicle involved in the accident.
  • Do keep notes of any conversations and dealings with the insurance company.
  • Do save receipts and bills for any and all expenses relating to your accident, bills for your damaged vehicle, and any medical costs incurred for the treatment of any injuries.
  • Do check if you have more than one insurance policy that provides coverage for the accident or injury. Review all your insurance policies.


  • Don’t admit to any kind of liability.
  • Don’t let any time limits to file your insurance claim run out. All insurance companies require you to file an insurance claim within specified periods of time after the accident or injury.
  • Don’t take everything that an insurance agent tells you as the final word, especially regarding the value of your claim or a settlement.
  • Don’t sign any document that is a release or a waiver of any kind. If you are not sure about what you are being asked to sign, consult an attorney.
  • Don’t take any check as a full and final payment unless you are certain that it is a fair compensation for your losses, both now and in the future losses.

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