Many DUI Wins!!

Many Reckless Driving Wins!!

2nd Offense of DUI

Conviction in Virginia of a second offense DUI within ten years carries mandatory jail time. The punishments for a second DUI offense in Virginia are severe. The mandatory minimum fines are doubled to $500, the jail time is a mandatory thirst days with a minimum active time of ten days, and there is a three year suspension of your driver’s license, with no restricted license for at least four months. If the second DUI offense is within five years, mandatory jail time is twenty days and a person is not eligible for a restrictive license for 1 year. For over 20 years, The Law Office of James J. McCoart, III, has vigorously represented those accused of Driving Under the Influence. If you, or your family member, are interested in a no-cost consultation regarding a DUI charge in Virginia, then contact The Law Office of James J. McCoart, III, by phone (703) 369-2734, or email.