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Virginia law recognizes two substantive “bad check” offenses.

The offense of writing a bad check is a Class 6 felony if the check amount was for $200.00 or more.

If the bad check represents a lesser value than $200.00, then the offense is treated as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

However, a person who issues two or more checks has committed a Class 6 felony if:

  • the aggregate represented value is $200.00 or more;
  • the checks were issued within a ninety day period;
  • the checks were drawn upon the same institution; and,
  • the checks were made payable to the same person or entity.

Prosecution must prove intent to defraud and prove knowledge of insufficient funds.

To convict a person of bad check offenses the burden is on the prosecution to prove that the accused knew that their funds were insufficient to cover the check.

It also must be proven that there was intent to defraud the person to whom the check was uttered.

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