Spousal Support Attorney

Spousal Support is one of the most contentious family law issues.

If you are separated from your spouse, one of your key concerns may well be how you can financially support yourself.

If you are eligible for spousal support, then the Court must consider the statutory factors of Virginia Code Section §20-107.1 (E).

Virginia recognizes three different forms of spousal support. The Court may decree that spousal support be made in periodic payments for a defined duration, in periodic payments for an undefined duration, or in a lump sum award. The Court may also decree any combination of these forms.

Where the parties have been married for a long time and the financially dependent spouse has little chance of success regarding employment, an award of periodic support for an indefinite term may be appropriate. The Court could also consider a combination of forms of support. The Court may choose to make a lump sum award of spousal support, together with an award of a smaller amount of periodic support for an indefinite duration.

Often times an award of periodic support for a defined duration is recognized as “rehabilitative alimony.” Rehabilitative alimony ends after a specific period of time or upon the occurrence of a specific event, such as obtaining a job or a college degree.

In some cases, the Court may not order spousal support, but reserve the right for a party to pursue spousal support at a later time.

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